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1. Residential Roofing Solutions
2. Commercial and Industrial Roofing Solutions
3. Pre Fab structures
4. Specialiesd Roofing Structures
5. Structural Decks

Residential Roofing Solutions

Resdential roofing solutions include tailored needs as per the customer choice.we cater to walkway sheds,domestic sheds, terrace sheds, residential parking sheds,gardern roofing etc.we try to recreate the dreams of our elite customers.

roofing solutions offers following services under Resdential roofing solutions:

Resdential roofing solutions

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Solutions Top

We offer our customers with a wide range of Industrial Roofing solutions. These roofings are used in a number of applications and use owing to their superior strength and waterproofing properties. This help us in preventing any kind of water clogging and wind related damage to the premises.

We are covering industrial roofing solutions such as workshop sheds, educational institution roofings,big parking sheds,industrial sheds with ventialtotrs etc. as:

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Solutions

Pre Fab structuresTop

We are a reckoned name that is engaged in designing and fabricating Pre Engineered Building Systems that are used by various architects and designers. These systems are designed using quality material and are in accordance with the guidelines and standards prescribed by the industry. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we undertake custom-designing of these systems.

roofing solutions offers following services under Pre Fab structures:

Pre Fab structures

Specialiesd Roofing StructuresTop

roofing solutions offers following services as its Specialiesd Roofing Structures:

Specialiesd Roofing Structures

Structural DecksTop

We are engaged in rendering our clients Structural Steel & Fabrication Erection services. These services are most appreciated in heavy industries, where there is a need of different erections. We perform these fabricating & erecting services in a timely manner.

Structural Decks offer the benefits of long span construction, enabling the design of lighter and more economic structures, structural decks are specified for use within many high performance roof installations, typically supporting secret-fix/standing seam outer skin roof products. Whilst meeting the stringent performance requirements that legislation demands, flexibility of these products allows the designer more freedom, enabling clean internal lines and a multitude of options such as convex, concave and even tapered curve elevations.

By spanning a decking profile from rafter to rafter, the need for purlins can be eliminated in a portal frame design. A structural deck will perform the function of transferring dynamic and dead loads of the roof covering to the frame, and will also provide the necessary lateral restraint to the main structural frame. It is also possible to design a 'diaphragm' roof (often referred to as a "stressed skin" design) - please refer to our Technical Department if a calculation service is required for the structural decking design on your building.

Designed and specified for use with specialist single ply membrane roof covering systems, the Euroclad trapezoidal roof deck range offers the specifier the benefits of a fastrack low pitch installation combining cost, aesthetic, structural and longevity benefits. These profiles would normally be shallower in profile, limited to around 2.000m span (please refer to load span tables) and would not provide normally provide lateral restraint.

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Specialiesd Roofing Structures: Structural Decks
Specialiesd Roofing Structures: Structural Decks
Specialiesd Roofing Structures: Structural Decks